Sunken driveway slabs, shifted joints, and crooked sidewalks are a common problem.  Since there are no inspections requiring compaction of backfill around a house, contractors don’t typically compact it.  So, when sidewalks, patios, and driveways are poured on top of this uncompacted soil, they really don’t have a solid footing.  If the slabs are not attached to the foundation with rebar, they will typically sink.  This can cause trip hazards, annoying edges (making shoveling snow very hard), unsightly conditions, and potentially cracked slabs.  If the slabs are attached to the foundation (usually with rebar) then a void under the concrete if formed leaving the slab unsupported.  This will likely crack and/or sink when a heavy load is placed on it.


At PowerLift Concrete Leveling, we use polyurethane injection to solve the problem.  We can lift your concrete back to where it was when it was new.  We can also fill the voids and provide support to the slabs preventing future sinking and cracking.  

This is done by strategically drilling a few small holes (5/8″) in the concrete and using our patented mixing/injecting technology to gently lift the slabs.  Because the foam hardens within minutes, we can fill voids to provide support evenly under the whole slab to prevent future sinking and cracking.  Since polyurethane is impervious to water, it will help prevent future water erosion too.


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